Video Marketing For Law Firms

Online video marketing is a key component of any successful marketing campaign. An estimated 62% of Americans view videos on the web, and YouTube alone averages one billion views every single day. Internet users want information delivered to them in a manner that is fast and easy to understand. Most are considerably more likely to watch and listen to a video than to read long blocks of text. Therefore, if you aren’t making use of videos in your marketing, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to communicate with prospects and current clients.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Lawyers


There are several reasons to make video marketing an integral part of your marketing strategy. In addition to providing answers to your prospects’ questions, video marketing:


  • Allows you to reach a large audience
  • Creates confidence by establishing you as a “real” person and an expert in your field
  • Conveys emotion in a way that text-based content cannot
  • Saves a considerable amount of time
  • Makes your website more attractive to search engines

An effective video marketing campaign will help drive visitors to your website and will help you engage with your visitors so you can turn them into leads, prospects and clients. Video can help you to improve your website traffic and most importantly, improve your website conversion.


It isn’t as simple as just uploading any video to your website, though. In order to be effective, a video marketing campaign needs to consist of high-quality videos that provide viewers with useful information. At Push Your Practice, we can help you create professional videos that will help convert prospects into clients. Let us use our experience to create a video marketing strategy that will “push your practice” to the next level! Contact us today to learn more!