Mobile Marketing For Law Firms

The ways people search for the professional service providers they need is constantly evolving. In recent years, the trend has shifted from online searches using desktop and laptop computers to searches made using mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. As of 2013, approximately 94% of Americans have a cell phone, and most of them are smartphones. It is also estimated that by 2016, more than ⅓ of the American population will own a tablet.


If mobile marketing is not a part of your overall marketing strategy, your law firm is missing out on a huge demographic.

Attorneys Need Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing is essential for any successful business, including law firms. Potential clients want to be able to find information about an attorney quickly and easily using a mobile device. Having a desktop website that works flawlessly on desktop computers isn’t enough. You also need to have an easy-to-use mobile website that allows Internet users to find essential information with ease. You can accomplish this with a stand alone mobile website eg. or by using mobile responsive web design.


A site that is optimized for mobile:


  • Is easy to navigate using buttons that can be easily tapped without the need to zoom in
  • Provides essential information while cutting features that are not useful to mobile users
  • Contains a link to the full website
  • Features a simple design that has the most important information front and center
  • Loads quickly
  • Includes convenient features, such as a click-to-call button or a button that brings up a map and directions


In addition to your mobile website, you may also want to consider an app for your law firm. An app can provide all the same information as your mobile website, and it can also be used to share current information and special offers. An app can be used to reach prospects and to stay in contact with current clients.


Oftentimes, when someone is searching for an attorney, he or she is in a situation where prompt legal assistance is required. Having a mobile optimized website and professionally designed app allows these people to find you and your contact information quickly and easily. At Push Your Practice, we can help you create an effective mobile marketing campaign that will make you more visible and help convert prospects to clients. Contact us today to learn more!